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July 2015 Edition

Hi Folks,
I’m happy here to present this our 2015 July the latest Edition; We belong to which is a Kiwi Poetry Social Network. We post and discuss New Zealand Poetry. We vote every 3 months or per year quarter on the content of what gets published on and then select the 10 to 20 most voted for poems and publish them here in year quarterly editions. Cash prizes can be won.
I’ve just got to say this is the biggest turnout of voters to date thank you all very much. The site has been a constant flurry thank you to Rob Peardiver and Peter le Baige for their inputs this round particularly. Thank you to Susannah MacDonald for letting us use her painting I know she has been busy with her own projects I am grateful for this. This activity has made the sponsor very happy with us and he has enabled us to provide prizes for the next edition following this 2015 July Edition announcement will be in due course.

Thank you all


The Gift

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