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Presenting New Zealand Poetry

Welcome to the 2014 Edition of The 2014 Edition comes from a voted selection from our core members' website - a social network of Kiwi poets from or living in New Zealand.

Special mention goes to Dean English and Peter Le Baige for their great input to the site this year. By helping our newer and older members with a wealth of experience in poetry and a command of their own works.

Also to Susannah MacDonald, Leanne Rattray, Ailill and Mark Prisco, thank-you for your contributions and rewarding input over 2014, also a extra shout out to Susannah an accomplished painter for sharing her art works featured with her poems.

Thank-you also to all the contributors of this edition and guest editor The Gift.

Our edition photo was kindly provided by Allan Johnston, we are very grateful to Allan for use of his seminal imagery of New Zealand landscape.


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Readers - enjoy this selection of New Zealand Poetry.

Check out the profile pages of our contributors mentioned above - Dean English - Peter Le Baige - Susannah MacDonald - Leanne Rattray - Ailill - Mark Thomas Prisco

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